I study air-sea interaction, upper ocean heat content variability, marine heatwaves, and climate variability.

I am a Ph.D. student studying physical oceanography with Dr. LuAnne Thompson. My research focuses on air-sea interaction and climate variability. I use satellite observations to study air-sea heat exchange on monthly and seasonal timescales in order to understand the relative roles of oceanic and atmospheric processes in renewing upper ocean heat content. I also am interested in climate justice, community engagement, and climate data science.

Before coming to the University of Washington in September 2019, I earned a B.A. in Physics from Carleton College in June 2019.

News and Updates

January 2023: I successfully presented my Master’s defense on January 19th!

December 2022: I presented a talk at the 2022 AGU Fall Meeting titled Seasonal variation in the relative roles of oceanic and atmospheric processes in driving air-sea interaction.

November 2022: I received the Graubard Fellowship in the Program on Climate Change! This fellowship will fund 9 months of my research on predicting the spatiotemporal evolution of marine heatwaves.

October 2022: After organizing and co-chairing two virtual Graduate Climate Conferences, I helped host (and presented at) the 16th annual Graduate Climate Conference, which took place in-person at Pack Forest in Eatonville, WA.

June 2022: I attended the US CLIVAR Whither the Gulf Stream workshop in Woods Hole, MA. My poster is available here.

December 2021: In collaboration with ACORN leadership and students at Columbia University, I convened a session at the AGU Fall Meeting titled Innovative Initiatives in Conducting Community-Based Science and Training the Next Generation of Practitioners.